Coach's Corner


Activation is an extremely important part of practice that often gets overlooked. 
For the younger swimmers this is an optimal time to work on core strengthening, on land stroke technique, decreasing reaction time and getting into good injury prevention habits. 

Lately activation attendance (15min before practice) has improved, and our goal as a club is to keep it high and get into a rhythm.

As for the older swimmers, it is up to you to warm up your body appropriately and do a strictly dynamic (moving the whole time) activation. This is something we hope to see improve as the season progresses.

A new rule of thumb being implemented in the coming future is a mandatory 15 min of activation for every swimmer. If you are late, you must complete your on activation routine before getting into the pool. It may seem negligible at first, but we have witnessed too many sore shoulders and preventable injuries to let skipping warm-up go on much longer.

See you on deck!
The Ogopogo Coaching Team