Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance


(Off-SeasonTraining October-April)

** Winter Maintenance Registration will be in early September - contact our Registrar for inquires. 

Winter Maintenance season will begin October 2, 2017 and runs until April 27th 2018.

It is designed to offer our summer swimmers an opportunity to maintain and enhance their technique during the off-season. New swimmers who are looking for an introduction into competitive summer swimming are welcome.  

Refer to our Winter Maintenance Package for swim schedules per group assignment.  As per BCSSA regulations, swimmers are only allowed to participate in 2 hours of coached swimming per week during winter season.

This '2 hour rule' does not include OKM "swim academy" and winter swim meets.  If you swim with the OKM Swim Academy you will exceed the 2 hour BCSSA rule and will have to modify your Ogopogo training that semester.  Winter Swim BC meets count as one hour/week - BCSSA swimmers are able to attend these meets, however be mindful not to exceed the weekly limit Oct 1 - April 30th. Specialized swim clinics and camps during winter season also fall under this regulation (note:  exemptions can be granted from BCSSA regarding these situations, but they must be informed previous to the event).  

Note: BC High School Swim Meets are permitted, and swimmers may swim for their school up until Nov 1st. If you have questions about the OKM academy and BCSSA regulations, please contact us to clarify as to ensure you are following BCSSA regulations.

If a swimmer swims more than 2 hours/coached swimming per week, or is reported to BCSSA as doing so, they must swim in the "Open Catagory" during the following summer season.  No exceptions. 

Mid-season registration will depend on space.  Contact our Registrar for inquiries. 

There is no swimming over Christmas Break and Spring Break or on stat holidays.

Summer Registration will be available April 2017.

Tentative Winter Maintenance Practices @ H2O Centre

Groups 1-4: 4:30pm - 5:30pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday H2O
Groups 5-8: 5:30pm - 6:30pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday H2O and 6:45am - 7:45am Tuesday/Thursday mornings at H20

Swimmers may choose one or two practices sessions per week for a max total of two hours per week during winter maintenance season.