Ogopogo Summer Swim Club 2016 Fundraising

Welcome families to another great summer of swimming and making friends! As the fundraiser chair, I would like to inform you of our fundraising initiatives.

Our main fundraiser this year will be our Third Annual Swim Challenge June 15, 2016 from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.  We had excellent participation and lots of fun last year and hope to do the same this year!

Registration and donations will be all made online.  Visit our website for information. It is very easy to do and in addition to online donations - offline donations are also available, where donors can write a cheque and then be added into your online account. 

All swimmers who participate will receive pizza & refreshments. Swimmers will be divided amongst their groups with the younger groups starting first.   Fun activities will also be offered on deck for swimmers “waiting” for their turn to swim.  Parents are also asked to assist with “lane counting” for swimmers.

Money raised from this swim challenge will go towards coaching and swim meet fees, lane rental, specialized training equipment, fun team gear and swimmer incentives during summer.  We are excited about this fundraiser and need all of our swimmers and parents to help make it a success!

If you are unable to attend the swim challenge physically, you are still able to solicit for online donations to fulfill your obligation J.

We are now offering an alternate fundraising option this summer as well:

We will be launching a summer sale of SoLo Bars in July. We offer a discounted rate compared to the stores and they are so delicious!  Order forms will be available. 

In order to recoup your $150 fundraising fee, you must sell 30 boxes of SoLo bars. We will accept sales in increments of $50.

For example, if you sell 10 boxes you will only recoup $50. If you sell 15 boxes you will still only recoup $50. If you sell 20 boxes you will recoup $100, 30 boxes $150...  Please keep a copy of your order forms if you choose this fundraising option.  Thank you everyone for your support! 

Any questions, please contact Deniel Sawatzky @



$150 credit card charge per family on August 10, 2016. Your credit card will ONLY be charged if your family did not raise $150 through the Swim Challenge (on or off-line) or the sale of Solo bars during the Summer Season only.

Note:  Solo Bar sales October-April do not apply to your summer commitment.